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Hardware Thread, Lightbox for taking product/finished work shots? in Technical; Needs to be robust enough to survive the jungle that is the DT dept office. Wipe-clean (will be used for ...
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    Lightbox for taking product/finished work shots?

    Needs to be robust enough to survive the jungle that is the DT dept office.
    Wipe-clean (will be used for food tech shots as well)
    Not too expensive.
    Rapid assembly and takedown desirable.

    I've been looking at Lastolite Cubelites and similar. I've discarded the maplin specials because they're unlikely to survive. The third option is to build one out of translucent and opaque perspex and hinge it so it folds flat when not in use.

    Anyone bought one recently? I'm browsing the usual photostores online.

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    Not bought one myself, but have occasionally had a chance to play with Lastolite stuff, and it comes hugely recommended on the net (David 'strobist' Hobby, Joe McNally etc) so I'd probably plump for one of those if I had the choice.


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    Quote Originally Posted by pete View Post
    Anyone bought one recently?
    I bought a cheap one off eBay. It's managed fine so far, although it's not been thrown around a DT department or anything like that. It definatly folds flat, although I haven't yet figured out how - it unfolded itself when I got it out of the packet and I haven't been able to fold it back up yet.

    David Hicks

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