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Hardware Thread, SSD drives in servers in Technical; Originally Posted by StewartKnight I thought that SSD's have fewer write/rewrite cycles and failed considerablly sooner than a standard hard ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by StewartKnight View Post
    I thought that SSD's have fewer write/rewrite cycles and failed considerablly sooner than a standard hard drive.
    Maybe 5 years ago

    They sorted that a while back as far as I know.

    I'm interested in anyone who's tried these with a SQL server database, I'm going to be installing this on our sims server soon so will let you know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Duke View Post
    You've seen more roadmaps than me!

    Hope the Oracle/Sun merger goes smoothly, looks like Sun have got some awesome hardware in the pipeline...
    Serious High End SSD FLASH Storage just been released!! Sun & Oracle also released TPC-C benchmark using this storage, WORLD RECORD PERFORMANCE !!

    Sun Storage F5100 officially announced - c0t0d0s0.org

    1.6 Million 4K IOPS in 1RU on Sun Storage F5100 Flash Array - BestPerf

    Oracle and Sun Are Faster than IBM: Proof Now Available

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    Nice to see this out at last as Oracle have been promoting it for a while without any real info. Bit of a shame their 'XX million' transactions turned out to be '7.7' rather than > 10 but it's still a strong move on the hardware front. Hopefully next time they'll get the figures out before running the ads to avoid getting fined by the TPC!

    For anyone tempted by this, the cluster is gonna cost in the region of $18m so you'd better have deep pockets!

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