Hi Peps
Have two problem with the same model printer a HP2605dn please help!
First is that the print quality is very poor there are loads of black line running acrss the page. I have changed all the toners and run a cleanning job on this printer with no change. Could it be the tranfer belt coming to the end of its life time?
Second problem I have with a different 2605dn is that it will not attach to my network (has done in the past). I have set the IP address manual and it holds it but then you can not ping it and it does not apear in DCHP. If you try and set the IP address by the automatic option it just hangs and when you print a test page under TCP/IP it just says configuring. The lights on the network card are flashing like it attached to the network but it clearly is not.
Any ideas peps
Thanks in advanced
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