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Hardware Thread, Viglen Cubes on RM Network in Technical; The ICT manager has bought some Viglen cubes and we have a RM network. My problem is as follows: Teachers ...
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    Viglen Cubes on RM Network

    The ICT manager has bought some Viglen cubes and we have a RM network. My problem is as follows:

    Teachers and systemadmin log on with no problems. When students log on the computer the desktop freezes when loading. I have changed the workstation security to none, I have deleted drivers, and changed the user type, I still get the same result they freeze. I have created a new user type based on the staff user type just to get the kids working.RM will not help because they are not RM machines and Viglen have no clue about RM Networks.

    I know it was a big mistake buying these cubes without testing them.

    Help||||||||| Please.

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    Re: Viglen Cubes on RM Network

    hmm ok sound likes driver issue here to be honest make sure all drivers for cube are in rm build driver area...


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    Re: Viglen Cubes on RM Network

    Just becasue it is a different manfacturers pc shouldn't pose a problem otherwise everyone running rm would have to buy rm machines and I know plenty of sites that don't do that.

    The fact that 2 of your types of user can log on would make me think it's not a major problem with the machine or install image but there is obvisouly something in the student security that is messing things up.


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