Ok I have a question and hope you guys can help!

We have a Learning Platform that charges for the data we host with them via MB of data. So obviously the more we upload the more we get charged!

I was wondering if theres a solution where we can host all the content in are school and post links back to the documents on the Learning Platform. Ive had a little look at Sharepoint however when you click a link you seem to get the Sharepoint front end pop up in your browser! Not what I want at all.

So really what im after is a secure document store that we can link to in the learning platform with us hosting the data and not them! This can be mac or windows I assume, we have an Xserve with plenty of space but if theres a windows solution Im more than happy to get a new serve im gessing we then need to externally register a domain name?

Thanks for having a look!