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Hardware Thread, TOSHIBA L300-29X at Currys in Technical; ...
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    TOSHIBA L300-29X at Currys

    Don't laugh. It's Currys, I know. I know.

    A teacher colleague just emailed me to ask if the deal shown on TV is a good one. I've had a look and it seems not too bad. The only concern is that the cpu seems a little on the mean side - a Celeron DC T3000 running at 1.8GHz.

    But a 4GB RAM 250GB HDD Tosh for £360 looks good doesn't it? What are you views? She only wants it for surfing and MS Orifice.
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    looks like a pretty good machine tbh, shame they couldn't of included the small things like bluetooth.. but for the price you cant really moan. (oops i just did)

    Btw, OT but you seem to find some very interesting avatars! makes me wonder about you sometimes LOL

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    The major bottleneck here would be the CPU , for an extra 50ish you will get yourself a Core2Duo which you will notice the difference , there no point having 4gb of ram on a system where the cpu struggles to calculate and why have such a large internal hard drive, buy a external or portable drive for not only better performance but added security as if your laptop goes missing at least you have your pics and vids safe at home,

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