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Hardware Thread, Replacing PSU in Technical; Just about to replace a PSU in an AMD AM2 motherboard that has a 4 pin connector on the motherboard ...
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    Replacing PSU

    Just about to replace a PSU in an AMD AM2 motherboard that has a 4 pin connector on the motherboard and have bought 'bog standard' PSU that has the 4 pin connector listed as P4 connector.

    Is the 4 pin connector OK for AMD motherboards not just specifically for P4 boards?

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    If it's a square connector with black and yellow wires I've got one plugged into the mobo on my socket 939 Athlon and it hasn't exploded yet. I think it's just called P4 because that's where it first appeared.

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    I had an issue like this.

    Most PSUs will fit any motherboard although there will be some spare jack in some cases

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