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Hardware Thread, Sahara S3618+ projector manual in Technical; We have 2 of these Sahara S3618+ projectors and can't for the life of us find anywhere to change the ...
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    Sahara S3618+ projector manual

    We have 2 of these Sahara S3618+ projectors and can't for the life of us find anywhere to change the filter (if there is one..)! It took us ages to even find the model number as it doesn't mention it on the projector.

    Trying to find a manual for it is even worse (no look so far) and we have seen some other saraha projectors mention that they don't have filters so don't need cleaning..

    The picture quality is rather poor/dim and lamp prices for this model exceed the price of a new projector.

    Is there anyone here who owns Saraha projectors that knows whether or not they do need cleaning? Is it almost certain that the dimness is due to the lamp being on its last legs?

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    We had some S2100s..they were utter cr@p. 2 blew the ballasts, the 3rd kept soldiering on with the occasional strop that required me to tear it down and compressor the insides, eventually only wanting to function if it was the right way up as opposed to being in the mount.

    No air filters there either.

    They were dimming, but we took the "accidentally drop it with prejudice" option and replaced it with an NEC NP400

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    There won't be any filters as its a DLP projector - The easiest way to determine wheather its a DLP or LCD is to move your eyes quickly from side to side while looking at the projected image - if you see a rainbow effect on the edges of objects it's a DLP projector.

    I'd go for a new projector if the bulbs cost too much although if you haven't already see what price CPLTD can offer you - they've had some great prices whenever I've needed lamps.


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    I just swapped a sahara out of a room for a sanyo last week.... it was pretty poor lol.
    Didn't see any obvious removable filters or anything.

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