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Hardware Thread, New Laptops and Trolley in Technical; I am looking at getting 16 laptops and a charging/security trolley. I read all about the problems with laptops, but ...
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    New Laptops and Trolley

    I am looking at getting 16 laptops and a charging/security trolley.

    I read all about the problems with laptops, but given I have to get them, do you have any recommendations on make/model especially battery life both, length of time a charge lasts and time to replacement? Similarly any views on trolleys?

    Thank you.

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    Hi Maurice,

    If you send me some contact info I will mail over product information and pricing on the trolley for you.

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    Me too - need to source approx 34 replacement laptops for our mobile banks - prefereably, indestructable!!

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    For what it may be worth:

    We have bought 15 Toshiba laptops each year for the last 3 years.
    2006 - Tecra A3, 2007 SatPro L20, 2008 Sat Pro L100.
    Only 5 of the L20s are still useable, due to broken keys.
    Two of the Tecras have lost a key, 6 L100s have lost one or more keys, 2 L100s have broken screens.

    I can't attach any statistical significance to this because the Tecras are mainly used by yrs 2,3 & 4, but the SatPros are used mainly by yrs 5 & 6 and staff!

    As a personal opinion, the Tecras are my favourites. The batteries gave 4hrs when new and still give 1 - 2 hours use after 3 yrs. The screens are matt and therefore much more viewable in unfavourable lighting than the horrible 'CrystalBright' screens on current SatPros. Their biggest fault is the wireless switch on the side, which is easily changed accidentally.

    All our laptops have the problem that the power socket is on the side. We have had to replace several power packs because the plugs get damaged (and cables cut, in one with sliding trays) as they are put into the trolley. (Two of our trolleys would allow you to put the laptop in sideways to avoid this, but then you can't easily see the leds to check if they are charged/charging/on.)
    A cupboard I have seen elsewhere avoids this problem, by standing the laptop on its side and leaving a decent clearance above or behind for the power lead: I don't know if there is a trolley with this design.

    Two of our trolleys have doors on opposite sides. One has a double door on one side, which means it can be placed against a wall or even in a corner: this is better for us, but if you can place it in an open space, you may prefer the others.

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