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Hardware Thread, Colour inkjets for ironing in Technical; I usually avoid colour inkjets whenever possible, but the HE Dept has one it uses for printing out designs on ...
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    Colour inkjets for ironing

    I usually avoid colour inkjets whenever possible, but the HE Dept has one it uses for printing out designs on special paper and ironing them onto fabrics.

    I'm currently looking at a streaky HP Deskjet F2180, thinking there doesn't seem to be much I can do about it, and wondering if there's a model out there that lasts more than 5 minutes. (Preferably with a built-in scanner and colour photocopy button.)

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    A more effective and efficient way of doing that kind of thing is using Dye-sublimation (usually called Dye-Sub) ink.

    Most commonly used for this are converted Epson printers with a CIS kit installed and the ink bulk fed to the printer.

    You do have to use fabrics with a certain percentage of man made fibre in them to be able to iron on and activate the ink so it bonds but it's a lot more effective than the iron on transfer paper/film stuff you get.

    Oh and the ink is seriously expensive but when you're dealing with a CIS you're benefitting from the bulk ink aspect too...

    Lastly, you would NEVER use one of these printers as a multifunctional or for anything else. Dyesub ink is too darned expensive to waste it on photocopying, etc... but it does provide an opportunity for things like young enterprise with heat transfer mug printing, etc...

    Probably best to look at perhaps an epson 1400 or similar... I can put you in touch with the dyesub ink supplier too if that would help.

    Hope that's useful.

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