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Hardware Thread, laptop /pc in Technical; Is it possible to use a laptop screen to view whats on a pc that runs without a monitor?...
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    laptop /pc

    Is it possible to use a laptop screen to view whats on a pc that runs without a monitor?

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    Re: laptop /pc

    I've never seen a laptop with a vga input rather than output. Maybe a usb capture card plugged into the laptop would work, but then you would need composite output on the pc graphics card. Seems like a long winded way of doing things to me.

    Unless anyone knows of a different way.

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    Re: laptop /pc

    If you mean taking the screen of a dead or redundant laptop and wire it up as LCD panel for a desktop then I don't think this will be feasible.
    Laptops are very customised and all the electronics you need will be surface mounted on the motherboard of the laptop.

    What you will probably have to settle for is using the a laptop as a remote viewer for the PC.

    I don't know if there are DV comptabile outputs on video cards.
    I guess if you don't mind a drop in resolution you can use S-Video (TV out) on the desktop and then use a capture card as woody suggests.

    Remote desktop if the PC runs XP or VNC if doesn't or if you just prefer VNC maybe even Netmeeting

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