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Hardware Thread, iPod not recognised (Windows 7) in Technical; Hi people Hoping you can help. I bought myself a new laptop a couple of weeks ago and gave the ...
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    iPod not recognised (Windows 7)

    Hi people

    Hoping you can help. I bought myself a new laptop a couple of weeks ago and gave the girlfriend my old one. I installed Windows 7 on it for her and it runs fine. Only thing is, she now wants to put a load of new tunes on to her iPod but the laptop or iTunes isn't recognising it.

    Whens it's plugged in to the USB port, the iPod lights up and says it's charging so the USB port is obviously working but the laptop just doesnt find it. It doesnt even make the noise it makes when anything else is plugged in to the USB port. I've checked device manager and everything seems fine in there

    Anyone got any ideas I can try later?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Quote Originally Posted by WStore_Dan View Post
    Anyone got any ideas I can try later?
    Switch to an operating system which is known to work, or at least try it on a machine with a released operating system. It could be a quirk of Windows 7, or something to do with the iPod software itself.

    This applies to the iPod touch, but may be useful at least - How to make your iPod Touch / iPhone Working in Windows 7 64-Bit - Guides & Tutorials

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