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    Help me choose my new laptop!

    So at long last the old HP Pavillion 453uk is going to the PC graveyard. Just thought I have had that heap of cr@p for long enough now.

    Anyways I have £1000 to spend on a brand spanking new all singing all dancing laptop.

    It needs to be able to handle Music making software, ideally Cubase, as this is quite a hungry application.
    It also needs to have WIFI. One other thing is that it cant be a Mac book, ( not that I would be able to get much of a mac for a grand).

    I am not fussed on makes etc just want the best I can get for my money.

    Please could you help me. Links are good
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    I would suggest either waiting a year for the Core i7 Laptops or getting a cheap interim one.
    Also if you hold off a couple of weeks you'll get a free upgrade to Win7

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    Give ICT Direct a ring. They often have many brand new laptops in at silly cheap prices which they don't post on their main site, and you can save up to 40% from the book price.
    ICT Direct - computer hardware for ict in education - primary, secondary, special needs schools and colleges
    I was offered a ThinkPad W700 for £850, but I couldn't justify it just for doing accounts and email, and I already have a beefy Acer laptop for mobile gaming and media, so I got a new high spec ThinkPad SL500 for £400.
    Ring them now!!!

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    You could also grab a Thinkpad T400/T500 for that money, best quality/performance you can get for that money with 3years of warranty

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