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Hardware Thread, acer aspire and Sim card in Technical; I've just noticed that mine has a slot for a SIM card behind the battery.....now here comes the daft question....what ...
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    acer aspire and Sim card

    I've just noticed that mine has a slot for a SIM card behind the battery.....now here comes the daft question....what sort of SIM goes in there? Is it a special Internet SIM or can it be your bog standard PAYG Sim?


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    I'd guess its meant for a SIM with a 3G internet connection - so either your standard phone SIM that does allow 3G or the SIM out of a broadband dongle!
    (If you put your phone one in make sure you have unlimited data - I don't want to get sent the bill for data charges! )

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    First, check you really have a SIM reader and not a dummy card slot. You'll need the Globetrotter software from Acer if you don't have it already.

    You need a contract (in the arrangement sense, not PAYG vs. contract) with your provider that allows you to use a PC on it, not just a phone - most don't. Mine's a 3 SIM, but Vodafone and T-Mobile do them too - I had a proper data dongly thing for a while, and when I got my netbook I just moved the SIM over.

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    You will need to make sure your acer contains a WWAN card as well as, the sim card slot might work, but without the hardware to understand it it won't work.

    BTW Vodafone do an unlimited data plan for 18 + vat a month, where unlimited is unlimited.

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