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Hardware Thread, Fujitsu Scenic ADMTek AN983 Network cards in Technical; Just used enclosed files to create a Fujitsu Siemens X102 ghost boot disk. I use Ghost 7 console for imaging. ...
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    Just used enclosed files to create a Fujitsu Siemens X102 ghost boot disk. I use Ghost 7 console for imaging. chuggs along nicely at 555mbs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gibbo View Post
    Just tried them, sadly the NDIS drivers wouldn't PEIMG. The Windows one will PEIMG to the capture boot image but not the deployment one.

    What drivers should I be trying to inject - Windows or DOS? I can't get my head around the fact that the client machines will PXE boot into the WDS shell, but won't connect to the WDS server to capture or deploy an image.

    Surely the fact that it's got to that interface means it has a valid network connection?
    Windows. The Windows deployment OS is loaded into memory using the universal PXE network drivers which is why it loads without needing any. After windows has started to boot the pxe drivers will play no further part. There are universal PXE drivers for dos (as used in ghost etc) but not for windows afaik.

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    At least your trying to do something for it to complain about. When I try to load the Discover image on one of my VIA Rhine based Nic motherboards it just goes:

    c000021A {fatal system error}
    The NT Initial command process system terminated unexpectedly with a status of 0x000000001 (0x000000001 0x000000001)
    The system has been shut down
    and thats without me doing anything :P Works perfect on everything else.

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