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Hardware Thread, Why!? Hardware Fault Self fixing in Technical; I've had a fault on my MSA and phoned HP to get it sorted - they have sent out a ...
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    Why!? Hardware Fault Self fixing

    I've had a fault on my MSA and phoned HP to get it sorted - they have sent out a new Controller and I goto swap them over earlier and the old one has fixed it self!?!

    should I change it over anyway or just leave it and contact HP?

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    If HP want the 'broken' one back, then get in touch. If you send them one back that has no fault (or is sufficiently intermittent that it works fine when they test it), that may cause additional hassle for you.

    If they don't want it back, I would swap it just to be on the safe side.

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    HP will want it back and will hunt you down if you don't return it :-)

    The waste of resources involved in shipping low cost items is phenomenal; eg DVD drive fails. We make an online request and new drive turns up within the next 24 hours or so having been flown in from mainland Europe. We then have to return the faulty drive (price when new about £10??) - no hassle, a courier comes and picks it up. It's then flown back to another centre in Europe presumably so it can just be thrown away!

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