Hi there,

I'm in two minds here.

I am looking to implement a Citrix solution here at my school and have been obtaining various quotes for the storage/server hardware.

Having received several quotes for HP and Sun hardware, one of them has come back to me quoting on FC servers and storage.

I'm really unsure about what benefit(s) FC will give this solution that warrants an extra £10+k. I'm looking at the Sun 7110 against an MSA2000 FC Array but am worried that we may never really reap the benefits of having FC over the iSCSI solution.

Going down the 7110 route will allow us to invest more in additional hardware/licenses etc.

We are a school with:
1100 pupils
130 staff
400 workstations (increasing to 600 over the next 3 years)

Please let me know what you guys and gals think!