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Hardware Thread, Brother Printer Toner life in Technical; How many pages would you expect/or do get from the colour tonner for a Brother HL-4070CDW The website says 1500 ...
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    Brother Printer Toner life

    How many pages would you expect/or do get from the colour tonner for a Brother HL-4070CDW
    The website says 1500 (5%) this ones done just under 750 and in the printer in total has just done 950ish
    Its only been in use 2 weeks.

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    IME, school usage doesn't run as low as 5% coverage, but more like 7-10% - I'm basing that on our results versus manufacturers' claims, and also one printer we used to have which would actually tell you the page coverage (this printer was in one IT Suite, so it probably reasonably accurate).

    If the manufacturers say 1500 and you're getting 750, it sounds like your experience pretty much matches mine.

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    I have a few of the hl-4040cn and it eats toners compared to the hl-2700 it replaced just looking this morning at refilling the toners ourself as we did with the HL-2700


    have started stocking the refills or you can get them to refill the toners for you but I find you tend not to get your own back and end up having problems so i do it my self dead easy and hardly any mess the unit is basically a hopper so there its just pour in the toner and replug This makes the printer about a third less to run. Also re setting the drum and belt counter errors until you get acutal printing problems can save cash as they are on a counter and don't always represent the acutal condition of the part but brother dont recomend any of this and will proberbly void your warenty mine is over a year old so i have no problem abusing it ;-)

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    I know this may steer a little away from the toner life subject, but check out GreenPrint Software - Millions of Trees Can't be Wrong.
    This software allows you to control how much ink you should be using and also minimises paper loss (unnecessary paper usage), it is very good and should make your toner last longer by making sensible usage. Usual things, like giving the toner a good shake and resetting the drum also help.

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