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Hardware Thread, Keys in USB ports in Technical; I have had this problem and it is perfectly possible for this action to burn out the motherboard. Had a ...
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    I have had this problem and it is perfectly possible for this action to burn out the motherboard. Had a couple cooked in this way where the power looped back through D- instead of ground. That was an expencive month till the kid was removed.

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    Perhaps wire up some special USB Ports for the students in question and instead of drawing 5V from the PC, that draw 415V from the 3 Phase

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    If you can do without the ports you could give these a try

    USB Port Blocker - Pack of 4

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    Quote Originally Posted by actech View Post
    With tracking who logs onto what machines, if they are logging onto the domain, there is a thread on here about a logon tracker. It runs via script at logon and I have already caught a couple of serial key board tamperers with it. Teachers have also asked for logs to prove who was sitting where with vandalism to the desks.

    Edit: found the thread - Logon Tracker
    I'm using this already at all the schools I manage. I have caught a few people. It even managed to catch a pupil that broke a window in the school by proving when he logged off (even though he said he was never there) Very nice script!

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    Even if it's possible to determine that Student (A) was sitting at laptop or PC (1), that doesn't mean that it was Student (A) who rammed his/her key into the USB port. Student (B) could have done that, knowing full well that Student (A) could get the blame.

    Whilst retrieving such information about who uses which machine, I think it's down to supervision and that could be very difficult for a single supervising teacher looking after a class full of students.

    I'm glad that I don't work with (irresponsible) students!

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