Hi all,

I know this is kind of a virtualisation question, but since most of the S7000 users are in here I figured it was the best place to ask.

I'm just about to do some benchmarking using our Sun 7410 and VMware with NFS. The iSCSI figures have been excellent so I'm hoping for good results with NFS, but I've never used it before so I'm a bit in the dark!

I've made a new share on the 7410, set NFS as read/write (NFS is enabled and running), added some basic 'Domain Admins' permissions on the Root Directory, but left the Share Level permissions blank as it's not a CIFS share.

When I try to add the NFS share in vSphere I give it the hostname, the export path and pick a datastore name, it gives me:

Error during the configuration of the host: Cannot open volume: /vmfs/volumes/whatever

I don't suppose anyone would be able to point me in the right direction, and also explain how NFS permissions work? With iSCSI I can set initiator security and CHAP, what stops any random user accessing my NFS share?

Many thanks in advance,