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Hardware Thread, APC SMARTUPS 420 Question in Technical; We have a box connected to a APC SMARTUPS 420. It's been used for around two years now and the ...
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    APC SMARTUPS 420 Question

    We have a box connected to a APC SMARTUPS 420. It's been used for around two years now and the battery has been replaced.

    Every morning at 9:10am it beeps and the 'loads powered by battery' light comes on for about three seconds. It has never done this before and nothing else in the server room is similarly affected. All the other servers / UPS behave themselves!

    Any ideas?

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    Has a self-test been scheduled in the management software? AFAIK this gets copied to flash on the device, so it carries on even if the machine is off. Either that or something is firing up at that time and pulling the line voltage far enough out that it protects itself until it stabilises again.

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