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Hardware Thread, Xirrus Rapid Deployment Wi-Fi Kit in Technical; A few days ago I received a call from one of the guys from Xirrus that did our install. During ...
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    Xirrus Rapid Deployment Wi-Fi Kit

    A few days ago I received a call from one of the guys from Xirrus that did our install. During our conversation about how well the Arrays are doing, he proceeded to tell me about their new Rapid Deployment Wi-Fi Kit.

    Basically the kit is for Disaster Relief and Temporary Conference Purposes. I don't think any place in the UK is using the kit, but I know a few places in the states that are. I can see how the kit works for temporary conferences (i really like that fact), but I can't really understand about the whole disaster relief.

    I'm trying to get more stats and even trial this product. Perhaps this may be of some use to you guys or anyone else. But I do think this is a great new product they put out.

    Xirrus actually has a video on their website showing what I'm talking about. If I can get my hands on one for a trial, I'll take pictures and post it on here.

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    If my understanding from Ben at Xirrus is correct, basically should there be a massive power spike which kills the kit or a flood which damages it (unlikely) then it would be in place until you have replacement stuff sent to you.

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