Just thought I'd make a note of this as a server kitted out with one of these CPU coolers met a rather grizzly end recently.

The Artic Cooling - Freezer 64 / 4 is rather prone to the fan bearing slowly degrading and then dying completely which is obviously not an ideal event.

We had two, one in my own machine (I liked it at the time) and one in the server box at school and both died within a week of each other. I was lucky with my machine but didn't think to check the server and due to a lack of air con in the server room, a closed door and a very hot few days the whole thing went Pzzzzt and overheated.

Since then the new motherboard and CPU have been setup with an additional cooling fan and a brand new Zalman pure copper heatsink and 120mm fan but I figure I'd just warn anyone else who might have gone for this particular model.

Note: There's a bunch of things we could obviously have done to reduce the temp both ambient and internal plus of course turning on the CPU shutdown in BIOS.. Lessons learned.