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Hardware Thread, Anyone using ABC Desks in Technical; Anyone here using desks from ABC Desks? They any good?...
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    Anyone using ABC Desks

    Anyone here using desks from ABC Desks? They any good?

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    Looks like it could be expensive to repair. Speaking from experience of custom desk solutions I would investigate every little penny of repairs and parts. My forecast predicts that I am going to be bankrupt paying for repairs to mine as everything is custom and lots of bits seem to cost quite a bit.

    Although from your photo it appears it will take a standard Tower PC which is good. I'd check the TFT mounting system if its got any point of custom part then run a mile, no matter how hard they are the kids WILL break them. I feel that you cannot beat a good worktop install with decent CPU hangers and standard VESA mounts bolted to it.

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    Only experience I had was getting a quote out of them. In that respect they were very responsive and seemed quite keen. Not surprising given the quote they came back with which was a tad pricey for us.

    Worked out at almost 700 quid per desk position, including the monitor stand and keyboard mount shown in the pic, and the under-desk PC mount (Individually they were quoted at 100+VAT each)

    Electrics and network cabling were in addition to this quote!

    That said, for 700 per desk you could easily get a custom fit solution. If you looked around you could probably get a proper chippie in and deck out your ICT suite in solid oak or walnut!

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    I've always been sceptical about how long the gas lift and mount would last on these monitors - pushing down on the monitors doesn't sound like a clever idea with kids.

    Have you looked at http://www.isisconcepts.co.uk/educat...ns/ict/m1.html from Isis Concepts (an EduGeek sponsor)?

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