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Hardware Thread, Genee Powerboard (GPB-78) in Technical; Hi Does anybody out there use 78" Genee Powerboard (GPB-78) interactive whiteboards from GeneeWorld? I would like to make contact ...
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    Genee Powerboard (GPB-78)


    Does anybody out there use 78" Genee Powerboard (GPB-78) interactive whiteboards from GeneeWorld?

    I would like to make contact with other schools who use and are happy with these boards?



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    We use interactive education's (company behind the Genee brand I believe) previous generation of interactive whiteboards, and wish we didn't!

    I can't comment on that particular model as i've never used it, but with the exception of whiteboard pens (which we can't get anywhere else) we will never buy anything from the company again.


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    Genee Powerboards

    we have Genee boards ones with pens and ones without. They have been the bane of my life. Apparently only work in the usb port that they were installed on. Calibration needs to be re-done at least once a week. You cant write on them with dry wipe pen , after we were told you could. Drivers only work with specific boards. NOW I cant get it to work with windows 7.

    The only thong we like about them is the software.

    We have spent hours trying to get them to work rekiably. Only purchsed because they fitted our budgrt.

    Long live Smart amd Promeathen

    Will never buy them again.

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    We have several Genee Powerboards and will be looking to purchase more in the next few month. The price was reasonable compared to that of Smart and Promethean, The support is great. We received training from an ex teacher who couldn’t have help us out any more and even gave us a load of curriculum whiteboard content to get us started.

    We can use almost any object as a pen. Using the pen tray we can quickly move between the different colours. Our staff think they are great and we don’t have to worry about the board getting marked with dry wipe pens as they have a ceramic coating.

    In the last 6 months we have had no problems with the software and I and say they work great with our windows 7 laptops

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