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Hardware Thread, Maxtor Diamond 80GB Drive RIP in Technical; ... where it belongs!! Do you zero fill your drives for security before you chuck em'? It's definitely worth doing. ...
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    ... where it belongs!!

    Do you zero fill your drives for security before you chuck em'? It's definitely worth doing. Well, it's essential really, if you don't want anyone to get your data! Check out killdisk or dban, they're on the ultimate boot cd.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Batman View Post
    Now that just gets me annoyed . I'm sure if depends on your job description, but surely the "call of duty" is to serve the school/employer to the best of our ability? Swapping a board doesn't take much, if that's your idea of hassle then I have to wonder what you actually do!

    If a user doesn't backup their data and we can't get it back then it's just tough, but it doesn't mean we won't do our best to get it back. It's not like it happens every week. I consider myself to be in a privileged position in being able to help people who would otherwise leave the computer unplugged and unused. The attitude that an awkward but reasonable request like this is "above the call of duty" is what makes people think that we, in our profession, are lazy, ignorant and unhelpful. If you're not a people person then IT support is the wrong job for you.
    I think if you've read any of my previous posts on customer service you'd know that generally I'd agree with you and would gladly do what I can to help any colleague out.

    But in these cases there has to come a cut of point when you say - 'the drive is dead and the data is lost'. It frustrates me how much teachers rely on their hard drives and worse USB Pen Sticks instead of using their network home folders (which I make regular backups of) and the VLE.

    Losing valuable data and the importance of regular backups is a nasty lesson to learn but one that EVERY computer user at some point has to learn. For me it was storing the only copy of my GCSE Computing BBC Basic program on a floppy disk.

    Putting any computer part in the freezer is not my idea of computer repair and is beyond the scope of my job.

    If the data is so valuable then the drive should be sent to a professional for data recovery. Anything that I do like changing boards or freezing the unit that could jeopardise the data is bad practice.

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