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Hardware Thread, What happens if... in Technical; I have a old Advent laptop, bought back in the day.... My 'then' girlfriend decided to plonk her bum on ...
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    What happens if...

    I have a old Advent laptop, bought back in the day....

    My 'then' girlfriend decided to plonk her bum on top of the screen which promptly broke the screen (unless you get it in a sweet spot (theres space for enuendo there)), anyway I stashed it away and forgot about it...

    Having found it again, and now having a TV with a vga connection. I was wondering what happens to the laptop if I tear the cable running from the motherboard to the broken screen, and just plug a VGA connection into the external output?

    Will it just autodetect the TV and carry on its merry way forgetting that its actually a laptop, as if the TV was its primary monitor or will it just foobar it?

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    I've known plenty of people who've used an external screen for their laptop after the tft packed in. So long as the laptop itself is working it should be fine.

    If it works in a "sweet spot" you might want to consider inserting a shim into the back of the screen where the sweet spot is, the case will apply pressure in the right place for you. This worked for me on an HP recently!

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    I did this myseld for about a year until the hd in it burnt out and I went for a different solution. You don't need the screen on it at all but you do need an OS that is fully capible of handling the multi moniter setup out of the box. Windows.

    Linux on a laptop is hard enough but it is damn near imposible on a laptop with no primary screen. I was going to try putting mythbyntu on it but I did not feel the need to recompile it/write code to allow for the use of the secondary output by default.

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    you shouldnt need to rip any wires out either. windows should detect the 2nd display and output to that automatically as said. If it doesnt all it should require is a Fn+F5 or whatever the equivelent is for your laoptop.

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