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Hardware Thread, Smart Board Problem!!!! in Technical; -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi there, I'm trying to assess whether a smart board 580 is in working order and so have done ...
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    Smart Board Problem!!!!


    Hi there,

    I'm trying to assess whether a smart board 580 is in working order and so have done the following.

    a) Connected the whiteboard to my laptop via official usb-serial lead - the red light is lit on the board
    b) Laptop is running Windows Vista
    c) Downloaded Notebook 10 and drivers
    d) No projector is connected at the moment

    The problem i've got is that the drivers seem to disable the mouse and keyboard a few minutes after boot up. Is this normal?? The computer then freezes and will not operate.

    I've tried a lower version of notebook and drivers but the same thing happens?
    Anyone an ideas?

    Also is the fact that the red light is lit on the board, mean that it is in working order?? There are no lights on the pen tray.

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    The light should be green. If its red then I'd suspect a driver issue. Have you tried version 9?

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    First thing I would do is try a lead from a different smartboard if there is one to hand, they don't oftem go but they do go from time to time and throw up all sorts of weird behavioural disorders

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    version 10

    i see you have said that you have tried version 10 of smart software. Well, as with many software products newest is not always the best. I have found v9.1 to be the best, but i currently use v 9.7.103, as this i believe does just about everything that v10 does, plus i have found it to be very stable too.
    version 10 does nothing for us except confuse teachers, and generally annoy.

    also a rear projection smartboard at just over 2years old, i was told that current software would not work with that product as it was ' end of line' at 2 years ??

    so i had to make my own mst, and get it working myself with trial an error.

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    As others have suggested - get an XP laptop and install 9.7 and see what happens then - if still a problem then its the board/lead - swap around to see which.

    Notebook 10 on Vista is just asking for problems



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