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Hardware Thread, Intel Atom in the classroom in Technical; I'm thinking about it too. I'm toying with the idea of having a large 12V power supply built that would ...
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    I'm thinking about it too. I'm toying with the idea of having a large 12V power supply built that would be optimised for multiple outputs and would be sited in an adjoining room to keep the noise and heat out (saving even more A/C costs).

    Still in the "Hmmm, this is an interesting idea" phase.

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    Still think true thin client is the best energy saving way. A good thin client will be POE, then if you get those lovely 1u APC UPS you can have a battery backup ICT Room, yet to work out how you would deal will the monitor. At the mom you would need Windows Server Enterprise so you could connect to there session and save everything (or rather the teacher )

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    Sorry to bring a dead thread back to life.

    As i assume most schools are, we have departments spending up like mad. We are thinking of buying 30+ eeepc for our main ICT room, but with only a few days to think about it with only one test unit was just after some input from other schools who may have had atom based computers. info on if indeed it works and what limitations you have found.

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    Something like this might be good if you have plenty of screens already.

    Do schools who have equipment this pocketable secure them down in any way? These are so much easier to remove than a full sized machine.

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    My concern with Atoms is that, while they're suitable now (as the OP says, it is just basic word processing generally), how will they fare with these simple tasks in 4 years time, when word processing will be via Office 2014 or whatever?

    Looking at the total lifespan of a PC, I can't help but think that Atoms would need replacing more often, so might not represent as big a saving as it first appears. Ideal for thin client environments, but then so are the 6-year-old desktops (they just don't look as shiny).

    VERY happy to be proven wrong on this!

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