ooh, yes.

Standby = naughty. Everything in each room on multiways, one point of "off", "off" happens when finished.

All lights are 9/12watt CFLs (3 wall mounted uplighters in living room), again off when not used.

Nothing major really..just a combo of using my energy meter and common sense. I wired each room up to multiways (e.g: living room had lights/simulated load, TV, Digibox, Wii, DVD player, and kettle linked up) then plugged into the meter at source and used as normal for an hour (including boiling a kettle once), took readings, then broke it down to each device, and planned accordingly.

Can't say I feel I'm missing out...I have lights, TV, freeview, Dualcore PC, missus has her duallie laptop, we both have a netbook too..we just use £5 a week power. Nice.

It was all kicked off by my last 1 bed flat, when the bill came to £350 and I told NPower they were having a laugh, and they could come and kiss my meter for the money. I bought the meter, did the simulations, calculated the costs for each appliance, applied it retrospectively and went back with the figures...they came out and replaced my meter.

Never doing that again. I now take the meter to shops if I'm going to buy electricals and insist on seeing whatever I'm looking ats "real world" usage.

Take my washer..it's a new Indesit WIB111. Nice. However, even "off" on the front it uses 8 watts, about the same as a CFL. Off at the mains for him. Same with my microwave in "non use" ...hence I cancelled it and went with a "non digital" unit that uses precisely nothing unless I'm literally cooking with it.

Even my router is on a £1 timer switch so it's off when we don't need it/aren't there...