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Hardware Thread, Vye Mini Laptops WLAN Problems in Technical; Has anyone got any of these Vye laptops ( http://www.vyeusa.com/downloads/s37M...tasheet4.pdf)? With have a number of them but find that they ...
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    Vye Mini Laptops WLAN Problems

    Has anyone got any of these Vye laptops (http://www.vyeusa.com/downloads/s37M...tasheet4.pdf)?
    With have a number of them but find that they are very flaky connecting to the school's WLAN.
    We have a number of other laptops around the school that have no problems, but these sometimes seem to struggle to connect - even if the AP is in the same room.
    If we have, say, up to eighteen in a room (there is more than one AP in the area, so it's not overloading) then I can guarantee that three or four (not the same ones) will fail to connect and have to be repeatedly rebooted.
    However, we have some nice cheap HP510 laptops that connect with no problem.

    Does anyone know if there's an issue with the Vye's having particularly weak WLANs?

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    Are they netbooks? My experience of netbooks is that they often have really bad wireless, once it's on it works well it's just getting it to connect in the first place that's the trick! A lot of the ones I've used don't seem to work automatically when they're booted up. You have to switch off the wireless button and switch it back on again, stupidly simple and extremely annoying.

    What OS are you using?

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