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    Random Freeze problem

    I have recently purchased a new work computer, as follows....

    Mainboard Intel DG35EC
    CPU Intel® Core™2 Quad processor Q8200 2.33Ghz
    Hard Drive 500GB Serial ATA300 7200RPM
    Memory 4GB DDR2

    I also bought a MSI 7300 256mb and they fitted/soak tested it

    When it got to me
    I (foolishy) fitted a generic NIC & DVD/RW & Card reader.

    Now however the entire machine randomly freezes without any error message or beeps. I've tried (in this order...)

    1. Uninstall Vista, put xp on
    2. Taken out all additional the hardware I added and it still happens...
    3. Loaded both optimal/failsafe defaults in bios.

    It freezes randomly INCLUDING when going through post checks (sometimes it doesn't even get that far...), I did originally think it had something to do with the OS, but as its failing before its even seen the Harddrive as well.. I doubt it...

    I'm really all out of ideas.....

    NVM Think I've narrowed it down the the Graphics Card...
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