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    A little confused with VMWare products


    Looking at getting some costings for VMWare implementation. We will be running 2 physical hosts (both dual CPU) and using a SAN. Would like the go with enterprise so we get all the fluffy bits like HA, vmotion and DRS.

    The only thing is confusing me the VCentre manager. It says we need to use this to get the full features of VI3 Enterprise, so why not just include it in VM3 if you cant use most of the enterprise level features without it.

    From what I can see, there are two versions of VCentre server. VCentre Server and VCentre Foundation. The only difference being.....

    VMware® VirtualCenter Foundation is functionally equivalent
    to VMware VirtualCenter, except that it is limited to managing
    three nodes of any size. For example, managed instances can
    be VMware® Infrastructure 3 Foundation, Standard or Enterprise
    and can be on two, four, eight or 16 CPU servers.

    I assume as we are only having 2 hosts, we are fine with the max 3 node option. And also....none of our servers have 16 CPUS

    Am I making sense or talking gibberish. I think I have my head round it but please feel free to tell me Im wrong

    Below is what we have been quoted so far....

    VI-ENT-A - VMware Infrastructure Enterprise Edition for 2 Processors (includes ESX Server 3, VirtualCenter Agent, Virtual SMP, VMFS, Vmotion, HA, DRS, Consolidated Backup, Storage Vmotion, Update Manager, DPM) x 2 £4,300.00

    VI-VCMS-A - VMware VirtualCenter Management Server For VMware Infrastructure x 1 £1,999.00

    We also have had....

    VI-ENT-G-SSS-A - Gold Support/Subscription* for VMware Infrastructure Enterprise for 2 Processors; additive licenses x 2 £1,100.00


    VI-VCMS-G-SSS-A - Gold Support/Subscription* for VirtualCenter Management Server for VMware Infrastructure x 1 £455.00

    How does that look?

    Cheers lads / lasses!

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    If you have under 3 hosts, foundation vCenter server is fine.

    You got your head round all that fine, but yeah you need vCenter for all cluster features DRS, VMOTION etc... Why is vCenter a seperate costs? Cos they can, keep in mind MS SCVMM isnt free either and I know which one is better!

    Vi3 Enterprise will also give you some nice new features with Vi4 (vSphere) next month.

    The prices seems about right for your quote for Vcenter full fat edition (£1718 @ insight), but foundation is much, much cheaper. The VMware View starter pack (about £700 + support @ 250) comes with virtual center foundation (3 vcenter esx licences), might be worth while looking at this...
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    Thanks for the reply mate.

    What VMWare resellers are everyone using?

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