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Hardware Thread, HP Laptop randomly freezing in Technical; We have a HP 6710b laptop running Vista Business. It runs OK except that it will randomly freeze for up ...
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    HP Laptop randomly freezing

    We have a HP 6710b laptop running Vista Business.

    It runs OK except that it will randomly freeze for up to a minute at a time before unfreezing and running normally. This will recur frequently (several times a day) but randomly. It's so bad that the user has chucked it back at us and told us to buy something that works!

    We've run the rule over it and can find nothing wrong.

    Has anyone else experienced this issue? Any ideas on a resolution?

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    Disable the crazy amount of software that comes with the laptop. This will disable the function keys but it will tell you if its software or hardware. Also keep an eye on task manager to see what process is eating up the resources during the freezing times.

    + Update every driver from the HP site and look for a BIOS upgrade if it all fails.

    Despite what most people say, ive had no problems with Vista and I would probably think that it could be a software / non microshaft issue.

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