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Hardware Thread, New server and installation in Technical; Right, i really want a new curric server here and have currently got 1 quote but need 2 more. Basically ...
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    New server and installation

    Right, i really want a new curric server here and have currently got 1 quote but need 2 more.

    Basically i want rid of Winsuite off our system and just having a plain old vanillia network.

    Tempus have quoted me for a new server, a tech to come in and do it to an LA standard and the creation of new images. It also includes the setup of a 1TB NAS to backup to (i'm currently using a 500gig) but still unsure about that one.

    I am probably quite capable of doing it all myself, but it would be my first time and i would much rather a professional come and do it whilst i shadow them.

    So where do i look for a similar kind of service? Or can anyone point me to someone i can get a quote off?


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    I'd say take it slow. Get the server in and set up on a test network first. Make sure you have Win2k3/2k8 installed and tested, make sure you have your new AD domain set up how you want. Go through your new GPO's 5 or 6 times with a fine tooth comb. Make sure a clean build WinXP Pro test machine connects to this new server and behaves the way you expect it to. Test new student/staff/admin/etc user accounts with the new server and test machine to make sure they all behave exactly how you want them to when the new system goes live.

    Then worry about re-imaging your existing desktops, moving files and applications to the new server, and finally exercise WinSuite from your network.

    This is what I am currently doing. I plan for the non WinSuite network to go life in September. So all the imaging work, server changes, etc will be happening during the summer hols.

    That gives me between now and the summer to set up my new AD structure (mostly done) and thoroughly test. This way when the kids come back in September everything just works and I have few problems (fingers crossed).

    Good luck getting rid of WinSuite - It's a horrid program.

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    Give L2ICT a ring, you might be able to get a reduced cost or free engineer out to do the setup of the server ( I did with my admin server). Then you can source the hardware and licence off your favourite supplier.

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    We'd be more than happy to provide a quote - PM the details and I'll get a quote back to you!

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    I think we moved to a vanilla domain and got rid of winsuite about 2 days before an ofsted inspection about 5 years ago now.


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    Doing the same thing at the moment, but moving from RM Window Box

    I'd echo the comments above. Get your new servers and setup your new domain and then take a machine and use it as your master and test everything.

    Then at some point, say summer move over to your new network. I would say that if the current one is working to a point take the opportunity to do it yourself. You will learn so much more that way.

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