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Hardware Thread, Laptop with face-recognition in Technical; Just the email from Alienware, about how they have face-recognition. Anyone fancy getting a load so I can hear how ...
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    Laptop with face-recognition

    Just the email from Alienware, about how they have face-recognition. Anyone fancy getting a load so I can hear how a student ripped his fellow students face off so he could print?

    Toshiba also has one... looks rather the same too...

    Toshiba Satellite Pro U300 face-recognition laptop - Laptop Advisor - Blogs - PC Advisor

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    or just wait till people start showing it photos - like they did to the vending machines in japan Japan's face-authorizing cigarette machines no match for Bruce Willis photo

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    Got one of the new toshibas with FR at home. Not used the face rec. bits at all - the fingerprint scanner works reasonably well, though I have serious reservation about integration with windows login (seems to be a bug when you switch user, and it generally does not look "clean"). As it is a home laptop, and the fingerprint aspects amuse the wife-to-be, I will let those niggles slide though

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