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Hardware Thread, IP Cameras in Technical; There have been a few threads in the past about this, but I wanted to start one afresh. After vandalism ...
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    IP Cameras

    There have been a few threads in the past about this, but I wanted to start one afresh.

    After vandalism in some of our rooms, we're keen on putting up some IP cameras to catch anyone in the act. What I want to be able to do is have the cameras automatically record on movement, and save to a network share. Anything older than a couple of days should be deleted automatically.

    I'd like to know what's worked for people, and what hasn't.

    Cheers all.

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    I've just installed some Axis 211 ip cameras, they record on motion sensor, the software is free for 1 camera, but you have to pay for more, cameras work out about £500 each. Very easy to setup on dhcp, very good pictures.

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    We bought some Axis cameras some years back, but were introduced to ACTi cameras by Phil here from use-ip (good chap - you can have a nice chat with him). They're dome cameras (megapixel) start at £250 and the quality is near enough on-par with Axis megapixel cameras (most Axis cameras are only VGA resolution so don't capture as much).

    For storage, that depends on what software you use. Although we're quite happy with icatcher (again, recommendation from use-ip) it might not be for everyone.

    At least, the solution for us works and it works well and reliably.

  4. Thanks to dgsmith from:

    use-IP (2nd July 2009)

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    We use 3 different manufactures D-link/Panasonic/Intelligent, all very good but the main thing is the software you decide to use. The one we use is called Active WebCam it handles all the motions sensitive recordings once allocated space is reached its starts recording over older footage so for us its about 5 - 6 months. The Software is set as service so if the server restarts due to windows update its starts automatically. Hope this helps.

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