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Hardware Thread, A Final Word About Edge10 Glass Monitors in Technical; After emailing Edge10 about their hard glass 22" T223 monitor and not receiving a reply, I tried again a few ...
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    A Final Word About Edge10 Glass Monitors

    After emailing Edge10 about their hard glass 22"
    T223 monitor and not receiving a reply, I tried
    again a few days ago. Much to my amazement, I
    did receive a reply.

    I wanted to know when online retailers would be
    restocked with this monitor. The Edge10 sales
    representative said something about this model
    being "temporarily constrainted," whatever that

    I indicated that if I could buy one at a reasonable
    price and it worked ok, I might order a dozen more.
    He suggested I could make the purchase directly
    from their factory in China. Would you buy a dozen
    monitors without trying one first? If you own or
    purchase for a business you may have been offered
    a "free sample." Not a good idea. The only way to
    judge a product is to buy at least one like any private
    consumer would. It's randomly selected from a
    warehouse rack, which is exactly what you want.
    Too often, "free samples" are carefully checked by a
    technician before they are sent to a potential volume

    My business is located in the USA, so I don't have
    any direct knowledge about the actual status of
    this company. If you've read anything in a UK
    newspaper or magazine I would appreciate the info.
    I searched a few business sites, looking for data on
    the financial status of Edge10. I couldn't find anything
    that would indicate that they were about to go bust,
    but you never know with the world economy in such
    a mess.

    As I said in the subject line, I promise never to post
    about this topic again. When you find a product that
    might resolve a problem you've had for years, its hard
    to shut the door forever, if you know what I mean.

    Thanks EduGeek members!

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    Last I heard, Edge 10 were pulling out of the monitor market but I heard this a couple of months back now and not sure how accurate it is

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    We have alot of edge10 glass front monitors here (over 200 to be exact in both 17" 4:3 and 19" widescreen varietys) and we've only ever had one fail due to unknown circumstances, and even that one we suspect was water damage

    We do have one or two where the image looks very jumpy though, like it's refreshing at a slower rate

    ^ i know that doesn't help you with buying them, but just a word from experience on their reliability
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    Do you know who you spoke to? I'm not sure what set up they have over the pond, try contacing them here EDGE10 - Application Specific
    Dave Stevinson is the main man.

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    I think your info about Edge10 pulling out of the monitor
    market is correct, Dan.

    If proof is needed take a look at eBay's UK listing. Someone
    is selling the monitor at a price well above any of the online
    retailers. That could only mean one thing. Production
    has stopped. This guy on eBay is selling off the last few
    he has in stock. If the supply was abundant, would any
    eBay seller have such a high "buy now" price? I don't
    think so. If you want to sell on eBay, your merchandise
    has to be priced at or below the average online store.

    The sad truth is that it's cheaper for me to buy low end
    plastic screen monitors and replace them, frequently!
    The glass monitors available in the USA are very expensive.
    We do give our monitors to a reputable recycler, but I'd
    much rather buy fewer rugged monitors that can survive
    in our shop.
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