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Hardware Thread, What is your typical classroom like? in Technical; I am from the states and am really intrigued in comparing what technology one of our classrooms have versus what ...
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    What is your typical classroom like?

    I am from the states and am really intrigued in comparing what technology one of our classrooms have versus what many of you have.

    In our typical classroom we have smartboard, ceiling mounted projectors, 4 computers per classroom a teacher computer. Each 4-6 classrooms are networked to one printer. Every 4-6 classrooms share a classroom set of hand held GPS units.

    Software: The normal: MS Office, Windows XP SP3, Odyssey, United Streaming, textbook software, google earth, gis software, Macromedia Studio 8 (Upgrading soon), Centurion compuguard control center (Like Deep Freeze), and AB Tutor.

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    Typical classroom

    Your classrooms sound like luxury to me! I am in a rural area in New Zealand.

    One of my schools has two interactive whiteboards - 9 classrooms, so that's 7 without. My other two schools have none. A few classrooms have digital projectors. Most classrooms in the schools I work in have 3-5 computers, and teachers all have laptops. Most schools are networked to the office photocopier, and all students print to there. Schools in NZ generally have MS software provided to them.

    One school I started in 18 months ago had no computers at all at that time for student use and we have built that up to approx 45 since I started, including a mobile unit with 8 laptops. This includes 30 old PC's that were donated by a local secondary school who were upgrading; we threw an extra 500Mb memory in each of them (to give them a Gig) and most of them worked fine.

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    Classroom computers range from 4 up to 10 with 5 or 6 being average. There are laptops for the rare occasion when there are more than 10 students in a class.

    Most classes have IWB but a few like Food Tech and CD&T just go for projectors.

    But we are a SEN school and SEN schools tend to have a 1:1 or 1:2 pupil computer ratio. Our aim is to have no camera, PC or laptop more then 4 years old.

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    Hi Christchurch Dorset here ..... 6 pc's per classroom + one laptop connected to the IWB ... 4 large printers strategicly placed throughout the school ... 2 x 2003 servers various video cameras ... software office 2007 2 simple collection and various other programs .....

    Silicon Keyboards with lower case letters

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    Specs of PCs range, 30 pcs in each of the IT rooms mostly celerons with 256RAM V V V V V V V V V V slow sometimes upwards of 20 min logons for laptops! Just got a box full of RAM delivered tho! So thats sorted my time over the holidays!

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