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Hardware Thread, Digital Blue video recovery in Technical; Hi. Does anyone have any idea if there is any way to recover lost data off a digiblue camera? One ...
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    Digital Blue video recovery

    Hi. Does anyone have any idea if there is any way to recover lost data off a digiblue camera? One of our year 6 kids took about 60 assorted pics on one. The camera switched itself off with low batteries, and when it started back up it was showing 0 files. Usually they hang on to them even with the batteries out.

    All the data recovery software is for removable media or drives. I don't know much about how Digiblues actually work, so if there is some fundamental reason why the pics couldn't be recovered, do tell. The PC sees them as a DMC device.

    Many thanks.


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    ~You could download some free digital camera recovery software or email the company who sell the cameras:
    Customer services

    * Telephone 01522 871258
    * Fax 01522 871259
    * email admin@vschool.org.uk

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