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Hardware Thread, Printing policy for students in Technical; Hi there I have a question in regards to policies for Students in regards to Printing. does anyone have a ...
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    Printing policy for students

    Hi there

    I have a question in regards to policies for Students in regards to Printing.

    does anyone have a AUP for Student (or even staff printing) that they would not mind sharing or allowing me to have a peek at.

    Thanks in advance
    John Heffernan

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    We don't have a "policy" as such, just we allocate them X credits per year. This goes from 275 in Year 7, up to 450 in U6th. A black print "costs" 1 credit, colour 6. We've worked out they can cover all the work they need to print in a year within their allocation, and the ones who go "over" are the ones who're being wasteful. Sell extra credits at 2.5p each. Of course if there is some genuine reason for them to need more credits this is worked out - e.g. if a teacher wants them to print an extra copy of coursework as an example, or if the printer is faulty and they get bright pink blotches all over!

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    We also do credits, keeps them under control

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