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Hardware Thread, Retr0Bright - Reverse case plastic ageing - Recipe Included in Technical; I just found ( slashdot ) this rather interesting substance that has been concocted by computer history enthusiasts which can ...
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    Lightbulb Retr0Bright - Reverse case plastic ageing - Recipe Included

    I just found (slashdot) this rather interesting substance that has been concocted by computer history enthusiasts which can reverse the brawning of case plastic.

    Turns out the culprit was the flame retardant included in the plastic and when some interested chemical engineers got involved they were able to figure out what was causing it and refine the way that others had stumbled over.

    The result is a paste/cream that they have released openly, including instructions on how to make it online.

    Retr0Bright home

    Could be useful for anyone with their own historic computer collection or in fact several schools that I know of that use their historic and browned computers daily

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    I saw this on some of my retro gamng sites. Good stuff .

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    This looks really cool, should work on old toys as well.

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    Thats awesome stuff I'm just nipping off to the chemist


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    I have several computers at home that date from the late eighties / early nineties where bromine has been used in the casings and they still look like new with no discolouration of the casings - that example in the picture above looks like it's been owned by a chain-smoking 150-a day nicotine freak!

    Thanks for the post though - going to make some up myself and see if it works with some discoloured early polyvinyl chloride - might be a little money there

    Be careful though - if you buy a lot of hp you might get reported to the authorities as it's a bomb-making component!
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