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Hardware Thread, Mobile Phone Wi-Fi in Technical; ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by browolf View Post
    mobile providers tend to disable wifi on phones when they offer them as their own, to guarantee wifi with windows mobile you need a 3rd party mobile, thats HTC, I-mate or the new Benq E72 phone (all are sold off the shelf unlocked)

    I've got an I-mate sp5, i got off ebay a few years ago for £60 which has wifi.

    How is that even legal? what they appear to be doing is taking an important feature off the phone and charging normal cost for it. They should at least offer it at £150 cheaper if they are going do shite like that.

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    She may have a better phone than you, but you have a better laptop


    Quote Originally Posted by wesleyw View Post
    I think he was getting confused with 3G which does need an updated SIM I believe my Wife recently got a new Blackberry (she's got a better phone than me at present ) the 3G wouldn't work with her old sim card.


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