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Hardware Thread, Filter-free Projectors in Technical; I tend to buy mainly Optoma EP727i (replaced ish by EX531 I think as we have a couple of those ...
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    I tend to buy mainly Optoma EP727i (replaced ish by EX531 I think as we have a couple of those now) - they are DLP and very good for classroom use, I think the colours are pretty good.

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    Be careful with DLP products into education. There are historical colour matching issues on low end DLP units. Make sure you have a DLP projector that uses the Brilliant colour Chip as you will stand a better chance of having the right colours. Toshiba had a big colour problem a few years back. One of the Smart short throw projectors seen at Bett for instance does not use it which that means that Oranges seem Brown and Yellows seem Mustard in colour. Historically the only way to get the right colours from DLP was to reduce the brightness considerably which kind of defeats the object of buying that projector with a specific brightness in the first place. The Brilliant Colour Chip is supposed to help this.

    Some projectors might seem cheap but that may well be because they don't have the brilliant colour chip.

    OK here are some choices for you from NEC.

    By the way the top 5 brands consistently over the past 5 years in the UK if you didn't know are Sanyo, Epson, Optoma, NEC and Hitachi. NEC and Optoma use DLP.

    NEC have 5 entry level DLP projectors
    NP110 2000ANSI 4000hour lamp
    NP115 2500ANSI 5000hour lamp
    NP210G 2200ANSI 5000hour lamp
    NP215G 2500ANSI 5000hour lamp
    NP215GEDU 2500ANSI 5000 hour lamp (3 year unlimited lamp warranty)

    I hope this helps you.

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