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Hardware Thread, iDesk faulty monitor connection? in Technical; One of our iDesks (circa 2004 model) has developed a monitor fault, an image will come on for a few ...
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    iDesk faulty monitor connection?

    One of our iDesks (circa 2004 model) has developed a monitor fault, an image will come on for a few seconds then go off until the monitor is power cycled and repeat.

    Can anybody offer any suggestions as to what could be causing this? I just rigged up a normal TFT to the thing for now as they're getting replaced in summer anyway! (Thank god!!)

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    Faulty TFT at an instant guess, had a normal TFT do that. Contact i-desk and see if they can flog you a spare TFT perhaps? They are designed to last for years the i-Desks so you shouldnt need to bin them really that soon, I think its designed for 10-15 years life! You just buy new bits for the trays / new trays from them and off you go again

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    Hi Googlemad, Is this a Solarism Monitor?? I suspect from the age that it might be, and the symptoms are typical of something that goes wrong with the invertors. I have replacements avaliable sitting here at i-desk. Please contact me if you require a replacement.



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