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Hardware Thread, HP Notebooks: AMD versus Intel in Technical; I am about to buy 15 new laptops and have decided to go for either the HP nx6125 (Turion 64 ...
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    HP Notebooks: AMD versus Intel

    I am about to buy 15 new laptops and have decided to go for either the HP nx6125 (Turion 64 mobile technology ML-32 1.8 GHz ) or the HP nx6110 (Pentium M 740 1.73 GHz )

    They both seem to have the same spec but the Intel is about £5 cheaper. I'm thinking AMD but would like to know your opinions.

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    Re: HP Notebooks: AMD versus Intel

    It would be a close call but all things considered, I would go for the Intel one. Battery life in practice is likely to be a little better and I have found that Intel wireless works better than Broadcom.

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    Re: HP Notebooks: AMD versus Intel

    I have bought loads of the nx6110 and can say that they are reliable and sturdy. Battery life is pretty good too. I cannot comment on the nx6125.

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    Re: HP Notebooks: AMD versus Intel

    Another vote here for the NX6110.

    The only grip I have had with these is the location of the USB ports so close to the VGA port. Can be a pain with some types of pen drives when connected to a external display.

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    Re: HP Notebooks: AMD versus Intel

    another niggle with the nx6110 is the ac jack - the pin is 1.5mm and easily broken by careless handling.
    (replacement is total stripdown ,mainboard out and a £30 part - I know, cos I've just done a couple).
    Not so sure about battery life though, after a year ours seem to be flagging a bit now.

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    Re: HP Notebooks: AMD versus Intel

    6110's again, I personally own one and its brill and got a few friends them, would love them at work so maybe this year. In fact, I have got my sister that one with that CPU if I remember correctly, great bit of kit, wouldn't swap it for anything!

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