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Hardware Thread, Urgent: Need Recomendation For Heavy Duty Printer in Technical; Use HP4250N's here in our ICT suites for the last 4 years - theyre nice and fast, very reliable. Everyone ...
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    Use HP4250N's here in our ICT suites for the last 4 years - theyre nice and fast, very reliable. Everyone is really happy with them - have had no complaints. Toners last approx 20,000 pages which tends to last quite a while.

    As for printing 1000 pages per lesson - that is bonkers, 30 pupils printing 30 pages every lesson? I think your ICT department may actually need to read their schemes of work with regard to Print Previews etc!!!

    Also bought Kyocera FS-4000n and whilst that is cheap to buy and run compared to the HP printers - it definatly cannot handle high volumes. Fuser's gone in one already after about a year. HP fusers have lasted 3+ years.

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    OK. I apologise for misleading everyone on this one. The 1000 page per lesson is what is currently needed for printing coursework submission. It will not be required to print at that rate all day every school day. But it will be required to out-perform our current printers by some margin on a daily basis.

    The lack of clarity in my post arose because, as always in these course deadline issues, it was most urgent I had some kind of response within the next hour or so and I wanted to find out what other schools were using in similar circumstances. We have put forward recommendations and now we await the response of senior staff.

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    I would also recommend the HP 3005n as its got a heavy duty cycle and you can get 2 types of toners for it a standard and high capacity. good very good reporting tools via its web admin site for it admins.

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    Personally, I'd go for the Kyocera FS-4000N due to the low running costs - and that's the main part of a printers lifetime cost. Monthly duty is 250k pages, so it will easily handle the load.

    eg. per page print costs at 5% are 0.37p per sheet roughly. Compared with 5% at 1.3p per sheet for the HP 3005
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    Another vote here for the P3005, but I would recomend the P3005x, duplex, network and a second tray. I have installed several of these in our heavy duty areas i.e. finance and they are great pritners.

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