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Hardware Thread, Building a Computer in Technical; Originally Posted by SYNACK Not as true as it was for XP as Creative really dropped the ball for the ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by SYNACK View Post
    Not as true as it was for XP as Creative really dropped the ball for the new driver model in Vista. The new high deffinition audio system in Vista was incompatible with the built in sound processors in the high end Creative cards so they were all basicly working badly at about the integrated sound level of performance. I don't know whether they have finally got their act together with regard to drivers and redesigning their hardware but I would suggest caution as last I heard their drivers were really buggy and unstable.
    what are the m audio cards like in comparison - or will they still have the same issue due to vista and the whole driver mess ?

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    Only problem may be if the PSU is cheap in the case (for £25 this is likely) it may cause problems down the line with the demand especially with that beast of a CPU, the memory and the GFX Card.
    That case is really poor and the 500w psu is purely jackanory. If he does want to skrimp on the case/psu at least get a decent psu and have a shoddy case, how about this Coolermaster RC-590 Midi Tower Case with Cmaster eXtreme 500W PSU Fitted - Scan.co.uk

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