Bought my old man one of these [ame=]takeMS 4GB Fast Secure Biometric Fingerprint USB 2.0: Electronics & Photo[/ame] thinking it would be a good way for him to carry about all his personal docs, as he travels for work each weak.

It has served him well thus far.

When you plug it in, the autorun software prompts for your fingerprint before opening up the secret partition with all your important docs.

Now however, the autorun software isnt working properly:

(the .tmp files are from a word doc i think, and not relevent)

He's got most of the stuff he needs backed up elsewhere, but a couple of things I need to get off this thing.

When you plug it in, it creates a CD-Rom type drive (which doesnt seem to have anything on it), and it creates a removable drive, with an un-hidden partition with the carryiteasy.exe software which I guess is the fingerprint thing?

Has anyone used one of these before?

Does anyone know if the cd drive it creates is meant to have anything on it?

Any advice would be great, Im at a loss with this thing.