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Hardware Thread, mapped drives in Technical; How do I map a drive so that it is permanently on the server in the list under 'my computer' ...
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    mapped drives

    How do I map a drive so that it is permanently on the server in the list under 'my computer'
    (I know how to map a drive from a client looking at the server)
    I do hope it is easy!

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    Just use the same method as you would with a workstation, providing your server is running a Windows OS.

    You can use the standard 'NET USE' command from a command prompt or just use the "Tools -> Map Network Drive" under the My Computer window if you prefer.

    If your scripting the drive mapping for workstations then I recommend a manual process for servers to be honest.

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    As a startup script? can't verify that though, I've had drives I mapped as part of cleaning scripts which ran at startup remained when I looked in My Computer.

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